15th International Conference on non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Ceský Krumlov (Czech republic) from 1st to 5th July 2012
The nc-AFM 2012 conference follows up a successful series of international conferences devoted to the latest progress in dynamical atomic force microscopy. The conference covers experimental, theoretical, and instrumental developments in frequency modulation and other dynamic operation modes with particular emphasis on aspects of high-resolution imaging and force spectroscopy.

Following tradition, the conference will be opened by a satellite symposium that will be devoted to simultaneous force and current measurements using scanning probe technique.
Former conferences were held in Lindau, Germany (2011); Kanazawa, Japan (2010); New Haven, USA (2009); Madrid, Spain (2008); Antalya, Turkey (2007); Kobe, Japan (2006); Bad Essen, Germany (2005); Seattle, USA (2004); Dingle, Ireland (2003); Montreal, Canada (2002); Kyoto, Japan (2001); Hamburg, Germany (2000); Pontresina, Switzerland (1999); and Osaka, Japan (1998).


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