Guided tours

Daily guided walking tours available for independent travellers and groups to enjoy Cesky Krumlov at its best while accompanied by a local guide. The tours are available all year round.

Ceský Krumlov State Castle

Ceský Krumlov State Castle with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and expanse ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region. Originally Gothic castle from 13th century was enlarged in 14th century and it was rebuit in the Renaissance style in 16th century. In 17th and 18th centuries the castle was modified in the Baroque and the Rococo style.After the castle tour, but also after the visitor sees the garden and the whole area of the castle he or she can feel like in the Middle Ages when the nobility walked through the corridors.

Excursion of the Eggenberg brewery in Ceský Krumlov

The tradition of brewing beer in Ceský Krumlov goes back to the very beginnings of the town. The first written documentation is a deed from the reeve Michal from 1336. The increasing rate of beer consumption seemed to be reason enough to utilize the former estates of Anna of Roggendorf, mother of Wilhelm and Peter Wok von Rosenberg (Wilhelm von Rosenberg, Petr Wok von Rosenberg), for a new brewery. The estates, which since 1594 had been used for the RoÅūmberk armoury, were reconstructed from 1625-30 by townsman Václav Vlach into the new buildings of today's brewery. The new owner of Krumlov's castle and dominion, Johann Ulriich von Eggenberg, heralded the brewery into operation in 1630. The Czech Eggenberg property was inherited by the Schwarzenberg family in 1719, which meant a very significant age for the history of the brewery in that it was expanded to the form which we know today.

The Egon Schiele Art Centrum

Besides a presentation documenting the life and work of Egon Schiele and a permanent exhibition of his watercolours and drawings the ESAC presents regularly changing exhibitions. These classical and contemporary 20th century art exhibitions occupy a space of 3000 square metres. Czech representatives in particular are presented alongside international artists.

Boat trips

Experience the town of Cesky Krumlov from a different point of view. Let´s see it from water side. From the Vltava river. Begin your Vltava River experience by selecting your route and choosing the type of boat you would like to take down the river. You will be provided with paddles, life jackets, canoe bags or barrels and a river map.


Experience the riding on a kickbike. All downhill from the Klet mountain.

Museum of torture instruments

A unique exposition of criminal punishment and instruments of torture, spread throughout the newly-reconstructed 15th cellars below the Ceský Krumlov town Hall on the town square. Nearly 100 displays and dozens of historical engravings are contained in an area covering 400 square meters. The mystical atmosphere of the cellar is enhanced by wax figures in an authentic enviroment, sound effects, and even two special audio-visual effects (witch-burning and sword execution) which intensify this already-unoque experience.