The atomic force microscope (AFM) was invented by Binnig, Quate and Gerber quarter-century ago. The tools turned to be one of the prominent tools in Science and Nanotechnology nowadays. Among others, non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy (nc-AFM) is probably one of the most promising AFM-family tools. This technique already demonstrated capability to achieve the true atomic resolution or nanoscale manipulation on all kind of surfaces. The technique has matured and now is widely spread in the scientific community especially in physics, nanosciences and biology. For example, it enables the detailed analysis of material properties like structure, elasticity, friction and force fields down to the atomic and molecular scale.

The conference welcomes contributions for oral and poster presentations on the following topics:
  • Novel Instrumentation and techniques in AFM
  • Atomic resolution imaging on insulating substrates, semiconductors, and metals
  • High-resolution imaging of molecules, clusters and biological systems
  • Atomic- and molecular-scale manipulation
  • Simultaneous force and tunneling spectroscopy
  • High-resolution imaging and spectroscopy in liquid environments
  • Theoretical analysis of contrast mechanisms; forces & tunneling phenomena
  • 2D and 3D force-field mapping
  • Small amplitude and lateral force measurements using dynamic methods
  • Mechanisms and understanding of damping and energy dissipation
  • Nanoscale measurements of charges, work function, and magnetic properties
  • Theoretical aspects of Scanning Probe Techniques
  • Tapping mode versus non-contact mode imaging